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What:  Rough Cut Men Movie Experience


When:  Friday evening Jan 16 (6-9 pm) and Saturday Jan 17 (8-noon) 


Where:  North Cross United Methodist Church, 1321 NE Vivion Rd, KC, MO


Cost:  Only $25 per attendee 

Bring a team of guys for table discussion 

Great tool to spur ongoing groups!


Register:  Contact Mitch at (816) 254-6900 or at

Figure this out guys, we're not finished products.  We're the "rough cut" of what we can become with Christ's help.


Join us this January for a new kind of discussion about what it means to be a man of faith, a leader, a husband, a dad and a son.


Rough Cut Men uses movie clips to help guys get a handle on which parts of our lives need edited or left on the cutting room floor...and the parts that need to be kept and shown too.


David Dusek of Rough Cut Men works with the Army, NASCAR, and hundreds of churches to help bring out the very best in our men, individually and as a team.  Find more information at



For more information about Rough Cut Men, click this link.

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