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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions folks have about our beliefs, 

church and services.  If you have further questions please don’t hesitate

to email Pastor JC Harp or call the church office (816) 254-6900.  One of

our staffers would be happy to visit with you.



What do I wear to church? You’ll be welcomed at our service as long as you come dressed, but there is no need to be “gussied up.”


Where do I park?  Our parking lot is at the corner of Truman Rd and Spring St. (about a block and a half east of President Truman’s house).  This is also where most folks come in the building.   Look for the visitor parking against the north side of our building.  The sanctuary and nursery are upstairs on the 2nd floor; we do have elevator access if you need it. 


What if my baby cries or if my kids are noisy?  We love kids at IFUMC and that means that we love their wiggling too.  There are crayons and pictures for kids to color in the sanctuary.


Can I take Communion if I’m not a member?  Holy Communion (a.k.a. the Eucharist, the Mass or the Lord’s Supper) is practiced openly at IFUMC.  We believe that as Christ’s sacrifice was made for all, his table is open to anyone wishing a deeper connection with his grace and church.  We generally receive communion by intinction, which means you’ll dip a small piece of bread into the chalice (we use unfermented grape juice rather than wine to be inclusive of kids and folks with an aversion to alcohol).


What do I do if I’ve not been baptized?  Talk with Pastor Harp!  He gets giddy with excitement over conversations on why it’s important for Christians of any age to be baptized.   (His contact info is in the first paragraph above.)


What is the time of oil anointing?  Oil anointing is a ancient practice that helps people feel connected to God’s grace.  If you have a special need for healing (physically, spiritually, relationally)  for yourself or even others,  you can come forward and have a pastor dab a bit of oil on your forehead or the back of your hand (you decide) as a way of asking for God’s healing touch.  You’ll receive a blessing along with the oil.   


What do you believe?   We believe that God created all things and loves creation very much.  We believe God was revealed uniquely through Jesus Christ and continues to be active in our lives through the Holy Spirit.  We believe we are saved through faith in Christ, which motivates us to pursue holiness of heart and life, individually and within our community.


We affirm the Bible as our primary authority, which is affirmed by church tradition, reason and experience.  We believe diversity is a good thing and that we can learn from one another.  In essential matters of faith we strive for unity, in matters of opinion we extend liberty, and in everything we endeavor to love.


Pastor Harp would love to visit with you individually or give you some reading material if you’d like more specifics on matters of our faith.


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