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Wedding Policy / Facility Use


Weddings are important religious services of covenant making.


Whether you’re a member of IFUMC or not we’d like to help you prepare for your big day.  We encourage you to get to know us, to visit with a pastor early in your planning as the pastor’s have a certain expertise in weddings and can aid in discovering who you are, what your desire is and how to make it come into being. Couples are required to participate in pre-marital sessions with a qualified guide. The pastors can aid you in finding your way through all the requirements for weddings.


Here is our complete wedding policy…2020 Wedding Policy



Facility Use



Independence First United Methodist Church feels blessed to have a nice facility from which to base our ministry, and we’re happy to offer it to members and not-for-profit organizations for meetings or other events whenever possible.  We hope you’ll be a steward of God’s resources and treat them with the same respect and care that God shows for you.


Here is our complete facilities usage policy…2020 Facility Usage Agreement 


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